Dear SNYP,

Thank you so much! I feel so bad that we had to wait to get her taken care of because
of an ongoing family issue that really took all our time and then with COVID-19 we lost
hours and income and it really just fell apart and it’s been really deflating.

We appreciate the help more than you can know! Belle came into our lives in a really
dark time for us and has really had a huge positive impact on our family’s mental health.
I know that sounds clichè or silly but we love her so much! We will most definitely be
there for our appointment!

Heather Olguin
Balch Springs, TX

My name is Lusha and my cat name is Fancy Kat. Kat is a gorgeous medium hair seal/chocolate point Siamese. She was introduced to me for emotional support and not really in the best condition. My little cat has been a joy in my life,and is helping me to get over my depression. Due to the ongoing pandemic I have been temporarily laid off without pay, until further notice, and now I’ve decided to relocate to my home town, Arizona.

Whoever comes across this story please understand how grateful I am, meeting MS. Diane was a pleasure! During these trying times I was desperately needing to get Fancy in tip top shape for our trip. After searching multiple Vet’s, I was gifted a voucher for shots and a spay surgery. 

This experience is a blessing. Fancy is going through post operation within two days of me receiving that call. Yes, knowing my pet can remain healthy even during these trying times relieved so much stress in life!

Thank you Ms. Diane SNYP representative.

Lusha Berry
Dallas, TX