Helping People Help Their Animals

Spay Neuter Your Pet (S.N.Y.P.) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to reducing the needless euthanasia of dogs and cats.

We Do This By:

  • Providing access to reduced cost spay/neuter surgeries at participating clinics using the S.N.Y.P. coupon.
  • Educating the public about responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spaying and neutering as the long-term solution to the pet overpopulation crisis.
  • Dedicating all donations to the above activities by operating our organization with volunteers only.

In Addition, S.N.Y.P. :

  • Raises funds for our special “Help Fund” to assist those who are going through financial hardship and cannot afford the total cost.
  • Educates and discusses other resources and options for spay/neuters available in the DFW Metroplex that may be more convenient or cost effective. We try to return each phone call and discuss the particular situation with the pet owner on how best to get the goal accomplished for not only the spay/neuter, but many other issues as well.
  • Offers the loan of traps for feral cats ($50 deposit required on each).
  • Offers to list a foster animal (after properly vetted) in the Adoption section of our website, as well as on Petfinder.com, for those who individually rescue or have circumstances that merit a need for a new home.

Media Coverage:

In Dallas, S.N.Y.P. Addresses the Unwanted Pet Crisis
By Pamela Sosnowski

Every year, thousands of unwanted cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters or worse, suffer tragic deaths outdoors after being forced to fend for themselves. But Diane Randolph, President of the nonprofit Spay Neuter Your Pet (S.N.Y.P.) is hoping to eliminate shelter euthanizations and reduce stray populations through pet owner education and providing reduced-cost options for dog and cat owners to have their pets safely spayed or neutered. “After volunteering with several animal groups since 1983, I felt the most effective way to help end animal suffering is to prevent overpopulation in the first place,” she says. “With every litter we help prevent, the suffering of thousands of homeless puppies and kittens will be avoided.”

Our Sponsors!

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